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Address: 160012. SKO Shymkent avenue Taukehana 5.

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The department was based in 1955 as part of the Kazakh Institute of Chemical Know-how named “Equipment and gear of chemical plants “, which was the only variety Larger educational research and instructing unit in Kazakhstan , to whom was given the task of coaching on the machines and devices silicate business . In 1961, the primary graduates of mechanics joined the ranks of specialists at the development materials industry of the nation. Since then, the Division increased its graduates .

The Division plays a key role in the Republic in podgotvoki highly qualified personnel for the chemical industry, meals trade, enterprises producing construction materials and oil and gasoline sector of the economic system.

Laboratory of our department are geared up with trendy industrial, semi-industrial and laboratory tools, controllers.

Teachers’ employees

The department has skilled, certified teachers in the teaching workers chair 6 Medical doctors of Sciences, 7 candidate of technical sciences, 3 Masters, actively concerned in the tutorial process quality youth.

The scientific path

Presently, workers of the department conduct scientific analysis directions:

– Establishment of the legal guidelines of the secondary foaming razonansnogo fluctuations gasoline-liquid layer and constant interaction of the vortices within the movement around a steady stream of discrete along his body, on the idea of which may be created fully new lessons of heat and mass transfer, fuel cleansing and dedusting devices;

– The creation of scientific rules and methodology of high-depth processes and gadgets for chemical engineering, oil and gasoline and food industries, implementing new phenomena and effects, physical methods of affect and energetic hydrodynamic regimes;

– Development of new diagnostic methods, calculations and mathematical modeling of complex time-dependent chemical processes in multiphase media;

Creating methodological foundations city roading transport ecology and design of environmentally friendly chemical know-how-waste amenities.

Our graduates

Many alumni have develop into heads of massive industrial firms and authorities officials, Zhylkishiev B.A. member of the Senate, the chairman of the Committee on the Surroundings and Rural Development, Cultanov J.A. Head of Ministry of Inner Affairs of SKR , Nakisbaev V.I. Head of National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the South Kazakhstan area, Kerimbayev A.M. – Ch.engineer, The Zhambyl Branch LLP “Kazphosphate” Novodzhambulsky phosphorus plant (NDFZ) Sarsenov Muratkali Bahtygerevich – Branch Director of LLP “Kazphosphate” Karatau GIC, GIC Chulaktau, Berestemov Maksut Berestemovich – deputy director of Zhambyl plant of mineral fertilizers, Mavidi L.Kh. Director of JSC “NGSK Kazstroiservice” Torsky A.A. -Director of “Kazmontazh stroykonstruktsiya” a big part of graduates of the department has dedicated his life to scientific and pedagogical activities. This is the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Chomanov O.E., Rayymberdiev Talzhan Perneshovich Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Vice-President of the Worldwide Kazakh-Turkish College named after Yasavi for Science and Worldwide Relations, Sulejmenov Maidan Kadyrovich Professor, Physician of Technical Sciences, Rector of the Russian -Kazakh College professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor of Altybay M.A., Sermanizov S.S., Kuatbekov M.Ok., Brener A.M., Bekibaev N.S., Volnenko A.A., Golubev V.G., Altayev M.A.

The base practices

Our college students move industrial practices to of leading oil and chemical, building and food enterprises the Republic of Kazakhstan, similar to:

LLP “PetroKazakhstan Oil Products”; LLP NDFZ “Kazphosphate”, LLP Corporation “Nur Oil”, LLP “Customary Cement”, JSC “National Science and Technology Middle of Industrial Safety”, LLP “Shymkent sut”, LLP “Atyrau Oil Refinery”; LLP “Rubber-technical merchandise”; LLP “Kaynar May”, JSC “Computer Yuzhpolimetall”, JSC “Aktobe plant of chromium compounds”, JSC “Asbotsemkonstruktsiya”, JSC “Intergas Central Asia”, LLP “Industrial Zone Ordabasy”, JSC “Reactive phosphorus compounds”; LLP “Shymkent beer”, LLP “Korona “, LLP “Cement Plant Semey”

Assessment Worldwide cooperation

Division employees are actively participates in worldwide conferences. Teaching employees of department helps private correspondence with scientists from Russia, Belarus, Germany and Kyrgyzstan.

This system “Educational mobility of scholars and masters” the department cooperates with Belurassky State Technological University, Minsk and Sank-Petersburg Technological Institute of the Russian Federation.

Throughout the framework of worldwide cooperation carried invitation from abroad recognized scientists and specialists to give lectures, discussions “spherical table” of joint projects and analysis from main universities Russia (because the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, Russian Federation), Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Doctoral college students, masters department are skilled and studied in research laboratories of leading technological universities in Germany and Russia.

For entrant

Chemical, oil and fuel, petrochemical and meals industries is the primary and the most dynamic sector of the economic system of Kazakhstan, tax revenues from which offer a significant a part of the revenues of the state finances.

At present, the division “Technological machines and tools” prepares specialists technicians of the national financial system for the next industries:

– “Machinery and tools of chemical plants”

– “Machinery and gear production of environmental protection and the environment”

– “Machinery and equipment, oil and fuel trade”

– “Mechanical gear firms, building supplies, merchandise and designs”

– “Equipment and gear for food production.”

Contingent of scholars a specialty 5B072400 – “Technological machines and tools” every day type of instructing is 421, together with on the idea of the state academic grant are skilled 380.

Graduates of the division work on the main enterprises of the chemical, oil and fuel, petrochemical and meals industries such as: LLP “Tengizchevroil”, JSC “KazMunaiGas”, LLP “PetroKazakhstan Oil Products”, LLP “AZHS”, JSC “PPCP” LLP “Kazphosphate TF NDFZ” , UMG “South”, Poltoratskoye LPUMG JSC “Intergas central Asia”, JSC “Ontustik Munaygas.”

Sphere of exercise of graduates of our department:

1. Bachelors specialty “Machinery and Apparatus for Chemical Trade” at chemical plants and factories, hydrolysis plants, in plants for the manufacturing of sulfuric acid, regional industrial parks, scientific research institutes, set up organihzatsiyah and undertaking organizations.

2. Bachelors specialty “Equipment and tools Oil and Fuel Business” on oil refineries to gas oil producing fields. In refineries, petrol stations and bases petroleum products and different.

Three. Bachelors specialty “Equipment and equipment manufacturing of Environmental Safety and the Setting” at the enterprises of environmental protection, environmental impression assessment in enterprises, etc.

4. Bachelors specialty “Mechanical gear corporations, building supplies, products and constructions” in factories and plants for the manufacturing of asbestos-cement products, in the manufacture of lime, tiles, pipe production in addition to research design and set up-mehanischeskih enterprises.

5. Bachelors specialty “Equipment and equipment for food production” in mills, factories storage and processing of grain and different food industries.

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