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Milpitas, CA June 17, 2011 РLeotek Electronics USA Corp., a global pioneer in light-emitting diode (LED) technology since 1992, and member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI), announced today that several new petroleum market manufacturersagents have been recently appointed. These agents will represent Leotek’s line of cost-saving LED lighting products throughout a widespread North

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LONDON, Jul (Reuters) – BP boss Bob Dudley is under pressure to clear up confused strategy and revive the oil giant’s share price when it reports second-quarter earnings next week that can lag well behind its peers. A year after BP staunched the massive leak at its Gulf of Mexico well, investors say Dudley still

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Currently the fuel used in most cars and trucks – gasoline and diesel – relies on oil (petroleum). Because the oil from which gas and diesel are refined primarily comes from non-Western countries, unfortunately meaning the US, Europe, and many other countries are vulnerable to forces outside their control, forces that currently include the war

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From the time that humans began building different items from wood, wood has been used consistently in engineering. When man invented the wheel, this brought aboutwood bearings. The stories tell of chariots driven by the Gladiators of Rome having wood bearings. Unfortunately, the bearings were utilized in other ways as well, including machines of war.

petroleum refinery process economics

Science technicians will primarily use theories of science and mathematics in order to assist qualified scientists conduct experiments and other forms of scientific research. They are going to usually help set up laboratory instruments and monitor experiments, along with tabulating results and performing other minor functions. Since the job of a scientific researcher has become

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Maintenance, Sales, Service. Petroleum Equipment Construction Inc was established in 1987, in Orlando, FL – Brevard County and is a business with Builders on staff. Petroleum Equipment Construction Inc is listed in the categories Service Station Equipment & Services, Automotive Servicing Equipment & Supplies, Tank Testing & Inspection, Tanks Installation & Repair & Removal, Builders

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It’s the tip of 2014, and we’re enjoying a remarkable convergence. Gas prices are down, the auto industry is booming and we’ve got the most environmentally clean vehicle fleet ever. In fact, if we might been listening to industry over the past several decades, this must be an impossible confluence of events. These industries repeatedly

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Today’s consumer is faced with a bewildering number of choices with regards to choosing motor oil for his or her car; a quick look down the motor oil aisle on the local auto part store reveals anywhere from just a few to dozens of different brands and viscosity weights. Then there’s the choice of whether

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Global Market Research Report on Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Control Systems Market 2016 is an expert and in-depth complete study on the present state of the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Control Systems worldwide. Latest industry research report on: Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) control systems are the technologies which can be used to regulate or prevent the emission of

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QT Petroleum On Demand (POD) is anticipated to launch an updated model of its self-served fueling system, which can be capable of dispensing multiple fuels including the ground fuels its parent company EPIC Fuels is beginning to supply. EPIC recently announced it will expand its capabilities by offering ground fuels for ground support equipment in