Can Vaseline Be Used For Dry Scalp?

Bioclin oil-shampoo.jpgA dry scalp is a typical drawback, notably amongst those that additionally undergo from dandruff or live in harsh climates with low humidity. Using a lubricating product like Vaseline, a brand identify of petroleum jelly, could help relieve a few of your scalp dryness, however it can even cause different issues. Ask a dermatologist what treatments are finest in your dry scalp, and in addition talk about any further scalp issues you expertise along with the dryness.

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Many persons are born with dry skin and scalps, and this may be exacerbated by a selection of factors like cold weather, wind, showering in scorching water, and utilizing shampoos and hair merchandise that contain harsh or soap-like components, says DermNet NZ. Dandruff and comparable conditions may cause the pores and skin on your scalp to flake, which produces itching and irritation in addition to dryness.

Perform of Vaseline
Vaseline is an emollient that can shield your pores and skin from the elements that could make dryness worse. It kinds a protecting layer on your pores and skin to maintain the moisture in and the irritants out, working to hydrate your skin throughout the day and protect it from drying out additional. It claims to assist your skin nourish itself naturally and get rid of any chapping or irritation associated with dryness.

In accordance with the American Academy of Dermatology, using a pomade or oil-based product, like petroleum jelly, might help moisturize your scalp, but it may additionally aggravate dandruff and make the problem worse. Moreover, if you get the Vaseline in your forehead, it might clog your pores and trigger breakouts. Oil-based products can even lead to a bacterial scalp infection often known as folliculitis, which is characterized by red, pus-crammed bumps around your hair follicles.

To avoid triggering acne blemishes on your forehead, apply the Vaseline at the very least 1 inch behind your hairline. When you notice it start to irritate your scalp or trigger folliculitis to develop, stop utilizing it and make contact with a physician. If you expertise dandruff along with a dry scalp, shampooing with a product medicated with zinc pyrithione or tar may also help management this condition.

In case your scalp is crimson and inflamed or you discover your hair start to fall out, see a dermatologist and inform him about all the signs you are experiencing. Equally, when you experience any hostile response to Vaseline, discontinue utilizing the product and search medical consideration. Focus on house treatments with a doctor before you begin making use of them.

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