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Big Data: A Boon or Burden for U.S. Oil Industry?The Refinery is a Multiblock construction added by the Magneticraft mod. The Refinery is the second of the Multiblock machines used for Magneticraft processing of Oil and does not need a energy supply.

Magneticraft Oil processing starts by extracting Crude Oil or Oil from the world. Oil is processed in the Magneticraft Oil Distillery to create Sizzling Crude Oil, which in flip is processed within the Magneticraft Refinery to supply Gentle Oil, Heavy Oil and Pure Gasoline.

The Refinery Control block is the guts of the Magneticraft Multiblock Refinery construction. The Refinery is built by inserting this block one block above the bottom after which right-clicking it to see a ghost format of the opposite blocks to position. When putting the Refinery Control, the front will all the time face in the direction of you.

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