Gulf Coast Is “Unsustainable” Below Obama’s Lack Of Leadership

America’s gulf coast is in turmoil and our Nation would not have a pacesetter. Obama’s public relations visits, to the gulf, have accumulated to much less time than the Kumbaya “Hey Jude” with the slobbering Paul McCartney and different entertainment business sycophants. He’s spent extra time golfing, because the leak began, than he has strolling the beaches of the Gulf. He pats himself on the again for all of his discussions with the “greatest minds”, but apparently hasn’t heard about “fundamental administration fundamentals”. My time in administration has taught me that if you find yourself confronted with a crisis, you pull out your whole arsenal to cease the bleeding, repair the wound and sustain life… you worry about “Kicking A**” when the fast risk has been neutralized. Now is the time for leadership and action… not the excuses, finger pointing, name calling and different adolescent conduct that his administration has develop into recognized for.

Refinery Crude Oil Distillation Process Complete Full HD - YouTube50 days into this catastrophe, questions had been introduced to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs relating to whether a call had been placed to Tony Hayward of BP. After fumbling, stuttering and spluttering round, Mr. Gibbs says it could be “pointless”, as BP’s CEO “cannot do anything without approval from the board…” Well, that may beg the question… “…have you called the Board?”… more fumbling, stuttering, and so on. “No.” A resounding “No”, yet this Administration has spent an inordinate period of time bashing the oil company. How can we be the least bit assured, that we’ve the total resources of British Petroleum, if we have not even talked to them? After a few days, of public outrage, at this revelation, Thad Allen, National Incident Manager, has reported that he now has a team in touch with BP.

Stories now abound that slightly know codicil known as the “Jones Act”, handed in 1920, is a significant roadblock in our path to crisis resolution. Not solely is the Jones Act a cause for our lack of Maritime know-how to deal with the clear up, however it also prohibits the efforts by not allowing foreign nations, who DO have the vital gear, to help us. President Bush, who took a shellacking, on his response to the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, ordered a short lived waiver to this hampering Act, allowing for international our bodies to convey their know-how in to assist us. The Obama Administration, as defined by Thad Allen, is willing to offer a “case by case waiver…” however, they “… haven’t been requested”. Management! The place is it?

President Obama has spent extra time, in front of cameras, slandering Tony Hayward and British Petroleum, than he has spent assembly with LA Governor, Bobby Jindal, and other key leaders in the area. In a current interview Obama said “… Tony Hayward wouldn’t be working for me…”, and in addition criticized the corporate for the $50 Million that it budgeted for advertising. All of the whereas, the Obama Administration stalls on urgent requests, from Governor Jindal, for sand booms to guard Louisiana’s marshlands. Perhaps Obama ought to return the $77K that BP donated to his marketing campaign (most to a single candidate in 20 years), or write a personal verify towards the clear up effort.

Obama has been fast to condemn British Petroleum for its lack of urgency, inaccurate assessments, advertising expenditures, and the accident usually. He continues to spend his interview and press statements to threaten BP about what they higher, or better not, do financially… who they need to pay, and how much… they better not give dividends… and many others. I don’t blame the Obama Administration for this accident, the deaths that occurred, or the instant damage to our Gulf waters… however, I do blame them for his or her lack of action, lack of urgency and lack of leadership. President Obama’s favourite word, since his Administration took power, is “unsustainable”. President Obama, it is time you placed on the large boy pants and be a leader, as a result of this country has rapidly discovered that an Obama America is “unsustainable”.

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