I Pledge To Nigeria For My Generation

Oil Refinery Processes - PetroleumWhen I was younger, I used to love watching Nigeria sit under a tree, nursing her wounds with a wet towel. I loved observing her as she breastfed oil to her children, fondling with their hair and watching as the wealthy ones amongst them present for the much less lucky. In these days, her youngsters sang her praises – Wande Coal’s Ololufe, P-Square’s African Queen and, along with her, every little thing was ‘welly-welly’. She carried the most important cloak of dignity amongst her siblings. And with her physique on the big facet, her dark skin gleaming with pride, and her Afro unrelaxed, she was my definition of feminism. But the last time I noticed this friend of mine, she was anorexic, her crown had fallen off her head, and was too weak to even are inclined to her wounds. Her children have failed her. They have broken her. They’ve disillusioned her. Certain folks in our father’s generation have not solely failed their particular person democratic events, but they have failed Nigeria. But my generation – we are going to repair her, attend to her, love her.

Some leaders persistently turn a blind eye in the direction of electricity and the security of Nigerians. Folks have to rely on generators as a result of the power Holding Firm of Nigeria (PHCN) has held the electrical power and have refused to share it with others. The less privileged individuals who can not afford to pay for the expensive generators have to make use of lanterns to learn in the evening. We have now instances where a certain “National Safety Adviser” thinks it fit to collect cash that is allotted to arms in an effort to fight in opposition to terrorists and as an alternative choose to distribute it amongst his buddies. And, according to Information Nigeria, when known as on trial, he refused to indicate up. We have now leaders in Nigeria who sponsor the identical terrorist group that have burnt Mosques, kidnapped more than 200 ladies from college, declare Islam and train suicide bombers. These are the identical terrorist we’re praying in opposition to, these are the same terrorists President Buhari is combating against.

According to Unesco, “one other necessary area through which Nigeria’s leaders have failed woefully as there isn’t any enough account of authorities or public money entrusted to them is nicely accountable to”. Because these funds are not accounted for in Nigeria, people have found a solution to steal oil. In Sanusi’s TEDx talk on Overcoming the concern of Vested Pursuits, he reported that “there are folks on this country that produced items of paper and brought to PPPRA and anyone stamped those items of paper and stated they introduced in petroleum products and really paid them subsidy. And people items of paper mentioned I introduced 30,000 metric tones on so so ship, and we discovered that the said ship was nowhere near the coast of Nigeria on that date. We’ve got seen vessels that did not even exist – that had been retired – on bills of touchdown and cash has been paid. And you understand what? None of them as I communicate to you has gone to jail”. These are folks we trusted. These are people we voted for.

I’ve observed the people in my era; I’ve attended their summer programs, listened as they brought intelligent points to debate in class and watched them reflect and focus on the Nigerian economy. That being mentioned, I dare say that my generation is the one hope Nigeria has of rising again. Our fathers’ era are usually not solely embezzling, however they’ve also made errors we aren’t going to repeat. I still surprise how some are in a position to sleep at night figuring out the money that went into shopping for their children’s vehicles belonged to a school youngster who was sent home as a result of she could not pay the fees. I nonetheless wonder how some have the courage to forgive themselves after sending troopers unarmed to combat terrorists. I nonetheless wonder how some have the courage to look into their innocent daughter’s eyes after funding terrorists. I’m so disillusioned with some people of my father’s technology, and i promise that my kids will solely look as much as mine.

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