John W. Kennedy Firm Completes 85 Years Of Exceptional Service In the Petroleum Industry

Working as Plant Operator / Area Operator in refinery oil movement and storage( offsite) together with Finished Products Tank Farm space, Finished products pump house , LPG/PROPYLENE-bullet Blending station , intermediate, Crude tank farm space, Tank farm DCS operations and flare.

Equipment - Oklahoma City, OK - Petroleum Marketers Equipment? DCS operations like MOV, ROV opening, Stopping pumps, R/D change over, continues monitoring the tank degree, Materials transferring to Rail and Street tanks , Run down change over and Account the amount dispatch from offsite.
? Pump house operation- like Pump change over, pump motor isolating from substation and sustaining lockout/ tag out, pump strainer cleansing with assist of mechanical crew, time to filling pump test record as per schedule.
? Isolate and prepares the equipment for hand over to Maintenance after which returning to service in a safe, environment friendly and environmentally sound method.
? Perform assigned operational work security to assigned standards in step with SOP�s.
? To conduct tools trial as soon as it’s received again from Maintenance & carryout gear changeovers as requirement.
? Works beneath the path of the Shift Coordinator to shut down or shut-up gear utilizing standard procedures throughout regular or abnormal plant situations.
? Checking the work permits as per requirement.
? To sign work permits, follow on-going jobs and monitor Contractors actions ensuring adherence to security laws and procedures
? Monitors discipline gear in the assigned section through the shift interval.
? Collects and data numerous information related to the method/area tools within the assigned part.
? Detects abnormal working circumstances and reporting them to the superiors
? Checking the Fire, smoke, gasoline detectors, fire water deluge system as per schedule with assist of instrumentation workforce.
? Tanking trail and Mock drill for tank sprinkler system and and so forth.
? Supervise the jobs related to all tools and monitor & ensure their efficiency for optimum & safe operation.
? Checking Operation & Maintenance of firefighting system viz. Sprinklers, hydrants, screens, fire extinguishers, foam pourers etc.

? Writing Log books for area and Management room actions time to time
? Obtain chemicals, maintain the inventory/consumption register and prepare chemical batches required for the method guaranteeing adherence to procedures.

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