Manual 58 MNL58 Petroleum Refining And Pure Gas Processing

Oil refinery in processing Unit IV Cilacap producing Lube Base Oil of Group I & II HVI-60, HVI-95, HVI-1605, HVI-160 B and HVI-650. Lube Base Oil is then delivered to Lube Oil Mixing Plant (LOBP) in Pertamina Lubricant manufacturing unit in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Cilacap to supply lubricant. The surplus product can be marketed domestically and internationally.

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Since April 2008, Pertamina, in cooperation with SK Corp from Korea, has produced Lube Oil Base Group III from LBO Plant in Refining Unit II Dumai. Lube base produced is one hundred-N type. The LBO can be Pertamina’s outstanding product in lubricant Worldwide market.

Pertamina additionally has 2 (two) operating corporations i.e. PT Arun LNG operating LNG plant in Arun and PT Badak LNG operating LNG plant in Bontang. Arun LNG plant has 6 LNG train with total capability of 12.5 Mton per yr, whereas Badak LNG plant has eight trains with total capability reaching 22.5 Mton per 12 months.

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