Oil Refinery (Tropico 3 And 4)

For buildings of the identical identify in different Tropico video games, see Oil Refinery.

Constructing Statistics

Taixing Rizcom Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.Value



Base Job High quality


Assets Produced

Oil refineries are industrial buildings in Tropico three and Tropico four. They refine ordinary crude oil into extra helpful and costly products similar to gasoline, kerosene, and asphalt. As well as, constructing an oil refinery will robotically build oil rigs over any close by underwater sources of oil.


Further Storage: By default, an oil refinery can hold 10,000 models of Oil Products. For $eight,000, the refinery could be expanded to carry an additional 5,000 units.
Wastewater Remedy: For $5,000 and 5 megawatts of power, gear might be installed that enables water used within the oil refining process to be handled, reducing pollution attributable to the refinery by 25%.

Work ModesEdit

Export All: By default, the oil refinery ships all merchandise it creates.
Withhold Petrol: The refinery begins stockpiling oil, shutting down when it will get too full. Withholding exports like this upsets the US.

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