Tasks For Growth And Modernization Of Refineries

Atyrau Refinery was put into operation in 1945.

Refining capability quantities to 4.9 mln tons per year.

Latest x ray dispersive spectroscopy - buy x ray dispersive ...Construction of the complicated for the production of aromatic hydrocarbons at Atyrau Oil Refinery (CPA)

Oil and gas industry

Inside the framework of the challenge, the development of the catalytic reforming unit with steady catalyst regeneration and benzene extraction unit, in addition to Paramax BTX course of unit, licensed by the French firm Axens (xylenes prefractionation section, xylenes isomerisation part, toluene transalkylation part, raffinate separation section) has been completed.

Capability of CPA: 133 thousand tons of benzene and 496 thousand tons of paraxylene per 12 months. The amenities of the complicated also can function in the mode of manufacturing of excessive-octane gasoline part.

Undertaking targets:

– Production of primary petrochemical merchandise – benzene and paraxylene;
– Ensuring the manufacturing of K3 class motor fuels in accordance with the requirements of the Technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Undertaking contractors: Sinopec Engineering Group (China), OGCC KazStroyService JSC (Kazakhstan).

Current status:

– On October 2, 2015, a pilot batch of paraxylene was obtained.
– On December 4, 2015, catalytic reforming unit was put into operation.

At present, CPA is working on the gasoline option with the increased production of excessive-octane gasoline, attributable to the need to produce gasoline to the home market.

Development of Superior Oil Refining Heart at the Atyrau Refinery (AORC)

AORC advanced envisages the development of 12 individual course of units. The principle facility is a catalytic cracking unit, designed for the conversion of the atmospheric distillation residues, heavy gasoline oil, vacuum gasoline oil and heavy fuel oil of delayed coking into more useful petroleum products corresponding to liquified petroleum gas, gasoline and light cracking gas oil. The processing of low-grade residual oil products will enable AR to increase the manufacturing of high-octane gasoline, aviation and diesel fuels. AORC additionally consists of LPG desulfurization amenities, oligomerization, naphtha hydro-treating unit, gasoline and fuel oil catalytic cracking unit, hydrogen manufacturing, isomerization units, and many others.

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